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We have a lot of customers joke around with us asking why the rain has to make their windows so dirty. However, underneath that we understand that it’s truly a hassle. After all, it’s kind of counter intuitive. You would think that rain would wash away dirt, debris, and grime. Instead, when mother nature brings certain types of weather, your windows always seem to take a hit.

So why is that? What is it about the rain that causes so many streaks, smudges, and hard to see windows? There are actually a few factors. It will help you better understand why it happens and also the importance of hiring Hartland window washing companies to ensure a completely clean window afterwards:

Environmental Factors 

It is a common misconception that rainwater is always the cleanest and purest water available. Perhaps that is true in smaller communities. And it was true hundreds of years ago before the industrial revolution. However, today we live in a different reality.

Due to modern pollution, there is often some kind of additional chemical or substance combined with the rain. These precipitate up into the clouds with the water and combine with the droplets. That means each time rain hits your windows, it has residue that is left over. This alone is enough to give you some small water streaks. However, there are other factors as well to keep in mind:

Window Screens 

One of the reasons that people get window washing Hartland is due to their screens. It is actually one of the biggest culprits in this area and causes a need for window washing services on a regular basis to keep your windows clean and clear.

It’s true, screens are a great asset when it comes to keeping small pests, bugs, and pieces of outdoor debris from coming in the house. However, these screens are exposed to the elements all day every day. When you think about it, that’s a lot of dirt that builds up over time. That means when rain hits these screens, it flings off right onto your beautiful glass windows.

Lack of Regular Cleaning

One period of rainfall is not always enough to make your windows unsightly. But after a few times, it’s time to call a window washing company. The reason is that if you don’t regularly get

window washing services in Hartland you are going to deal with a residual building up of rainwater streaks.

As window washing professionals, we know firsthand the kinds of issues that rain can bring. While it’s a necessary and good thing for the natural world, it also causes issues for homeowners. The key is to know why your windows are getting dirty and have a trusted window washing company in Hartland solve the problem for you.

Think of all the time and energy savings you will get by letting the pros handle it. After all, you probably want to spend more time on your hobbies, passions, and family moments. So hire us and relax while your windows go from dirty to sparking clean once again.

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