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Professional Window Cleaning in Lisbon

Window cleaning is a process that requires both the availability of professional window cleaning equipment and the right professional. Professional window cleaning tools are made for the work and unlike any substitute you may find for them, they do not undermine the process. Professionals, on the other hand, know how best to use these tools. Simply put: the right tools in the best hands result in the best outcome. It is this combination that you have when you hire BlueLine Cleaning Services for your window cleaning job. Without doubt, our services are second to none in Lisbon. When you hire us, we expertly use varieties of window cleaning equipment, including but not limited to:

Window Cleaning Buckets

Window cleaning buckets are essential tools. Cleaning chemicals are mixed and left in them. They are needed from the start to the finish of the window cleaning job. They should not be mistaken for ordinary buckets or substituted. They are a specialized bucket and without them, it is almost impossible to perform the window cleaning job.

Microfiber Wash Pads

Microfiber wash pads are another set of important window cleaning equipment. They are designed to clean both delicate and tough surfaces, removing gentle and stubborn stains. However, the result of using wash pads is dependent on who is handling the job. So, do not expect that the result produced when you attempt doing it yourself and when you hire a less experienced hand in Lisbon to match what BlueLine Cleaning Services professionals will produce.


Scrappers are window cleaning tools also known as window cleaning razor or blade. They are designed for the removal of stains such as debris, sticker, paints etc. Scrappers are especially delicate to handle unless it is a professional such as ones we have at BlueLine Cleaning Services doing the job. This is because a slight mistake in handling scrappers can result in an injury or damage of the window.


While cleaning windows, a squeegee is another important tool. It is used in the control of the flow of the mixed liquid used in cleaning. They help make the work tidy but above all, they make it systematic and orderly – the absence of a squeegee could just amount to lack of professionalism.

Sticker Rod

Sticker Rods are used to remove stains and dirt in case of windows beyond the reach of the cleaner. Removal of dirt is a necessary part of the process and you can count on BlueLine Cleaning Services never to skip this part.  All our customers have many reasons why they choose us above anyone else in Lisbon and chief among their reasons is the fact that our process leaves nothing undone.

These are only some of the tools that we have at BlueLine Cleaning Services; there are many others that we use. Do not attempt buying the equipment yourself and use them on your windows, the dangers are way too costly. In Lisbon, you already have the best hands for the job. All you must do is join the many decisive homeowners in Lisbon and hire BlueLine Cleaning Services for your window cleaning.

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